I make things happen. Things get moved from here to there. And back again. 
There is always a way to make something happen. Tell me what you need, I will fill in the dots.

Constantly busy solving the daily (compliance) challenges that I run into under at least 7 sets of regulations. And again. And again. 
In today's world there are lots of rules and regulations. Often interacting with eachother making things even more complicated. Companies that have a Global focus will have to consider regulations from more angles than just the theatre they operate from themselves. It may be OK under US regulations to ship goods from the US to EMEA but are they allowed to enter EMEA? And what about what happens on the ground in EMEA?
If re-exported, will the next destination be OK under US as well as EU regulations? That's where I developed a sixth sense. I work with assigned company experts on subject areas and coordinate all their different perspectives and get an agreed solution on the table. And make sure that it's one we can use as a template for the next shipment.

You may not always get what you asked for initially. But working together in close partnership we'll get you the result you needed. 
We will run into situations where the above two statements come together. You need something coming from one place and going to another. And it's time critical, maybe even for something like a trade show or a customer presentation. You are committed and then I say it cannot be done. So now we are in it together. And I have a record of making it happen. Fully compliant, no corners cut.

Always looking for a better way to do things. Not by managing what was going to go right anyway but by removing any and all potential disturbances from the equation.
So your shipment won't go right just this once but -going forward- always.

So we have procedure. But does it still make sense? Can we do better? Can we do it cheaper and still get the result we need? Can we do it faster and still keep quality up? Is there something we can change in the way we pack our shipment?
I'm all for reviewing what we do proactively so that we can improve ahead of having to apologise and take corrective measures.

At my best when things seem to go wrong and need to be turned around "immediately".
So something did not go the way it was supposed to or we get some kind of an escalation thrown at us and now we have to start making decisions.

Normally I make sure things happen in a coordinated manner. But being a natural troubleshooter, I like the challenge of getting things turned around "NOW".
Could be a shipment that's stuck and needs to get moving. Could be we have a customer that's "down" and need to get equipment delivered.
Could be we have an urgent Safety & Security incident. I've been a deputy Head of BHV at my last employer, as well as member of the Site Security team and member of the Business Continuity Team.


So I'm an organiser, making sure we do things by the book and in a structured, (cost) effective manner but up for the challenge of making quick and critical decisions, used to be available clock round.


Oh and please don't stand in the way of my salsa dancing!